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VIVA Virginia

Citizen Action Projects 

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It is Time to Act!

We are Virginians just like you. We're working together forming a network of individual community action teams all over the Commonwealth.  We are outraged and fed-up with people telling us to "move-on."  If you agree there can be no talk of Election Integrity without getting to the bottom of 2020 Election maladministration and probable fraud then act on your concerns. We are working to do what responsible everyday citizens have done in Arizona: Making history in the defense of our Great Country.  Join all of us and we can have the same impact in Virginia. Send us your email address and we'll get an Action Team Leader in your area to contact you right away.


Virginia 2020 Election Forensic Audit Advocacy Support

Conservative Virginia Citizen Community Activist Network

Virginia Citizen Unified Action Platform

Project Management


Get Organized to Win Back America!

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